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It's been a while...

I can't remember the last time I came over here and actually looked at anything. I mean, I've read the odd post here and there, which are usually ones that have been lined on Twitter or Facebook.

The prompt on this occasion was a link to a blog post by seanan_mcguire. It was an interesting read, and I think I'll follow her blog for a while, and maybe get around to reading her books that are on my want list.

While I was here, I decided to have a look at my friends list, and see who's still active. It's a woefully short list, with some blogs that have been abandoned for three or four years. I remember the days when we all started up here, drawn together by a love of books and writing, and it makes me a little sad that we've all drifted off in our separate ways. Some people I am still connected to through Facebook, but the level of interaction is not the same.

I'm as guilty as any of the people I called friends here; I've drifted away. My life has changed, taking on different priorities. Some interests have grown more important, whilst others have slipped down the list a little. I still read quite a lot, am still obsessed with buying books, I just tend not to share that aspect of myself that much these days.

Maybe I should hang around here a bit more. Post a bit more. Interact.

Maybe the physical act of fingers on keys in a stream of thought will awaken they grey matter and I will write again. I also think I'm going to abandon my old LJ account: springfire, as using that name just feels odd now. I use this one on Twitter, so feels more like me.

Who knows...?

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